Monday, 9 July 2012

Lucky winner!

What a wonderful surprise to see all my new blog followers on my return from my holiday in NZ-  a very warm welcome to all of you. Seems like there was a little hiccuph with blogger so my scheduled Blog Hop did not publish when it should have- the joys of technology! Am happy that all worked out in the end and I hope those of you who joined in, had much fun hopping along with the A2Z Scraplets Blog Hop. Once I had unpacked and got on top of things at home, I sat back with a cuppa and read all your lovely comments- thanks so much!!
The lucky winner is Trish:
"Yay Monica, I love your work. I love the colours the scraplets and the flowers. Absolutely Beautiful. Thanks." and another one from Trish:
"I am here for the blog hop too- Monica your layouts are beautiful. I enjoyed viewing your work, Thanks."
Congrats Trish -your prize will be mailed soon!


  1. Yay! Congratulations to the lovely Trish :) xxx

  2. Thanks Monica, your parcel arrived today and WOW I love all the scraplets. I have the perfect LO Ideas for the Calf and the baby deer. I really do appreciate all of them. THankyou. LOL Thanks Barb, I love your User name "Sleepydwarf".