Saturday, 26 January 2013

Beautiful Banners

It is no secret that BANNERS are one of my favourite embellishments as they are so much fun to use; however, the thing I love most about them is their versatility; you can make them as simple or as elaborate as you wish- there is NO limit to your creativity! The manner in wish you position them on your page can vary too- straight, swooping across the page, clustered or as a border, connected with thread, twine, ribbon, stitching or brads. You can paint or ink them, embellish them with co-ordinating paper, brads, pen, pearls, rhinestones, glitter, bows, buttons, cut-out shapes such as hearts, stars, butterflies, cogs or even aphabet letters for a page title. Varying the shape is fun too- triangles, pennants, hearts, small tags or a combination of them. A2zscraplets have a selection of three at present; however, Julie has created some awesome new ones to be released soon!!!

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